Welcome to My Little Piece of the World

I’m a writer.  I assume you’re here because you’ve caught wind of that.  And as soon as you typed the search term “Yakey” into Google or clicked on a hyperlink somewhere, you immediately gained my unwavering appreciation for your stopping by this website.  I hope you hang out a while to explore, or, if you’re already familiar with the site, just use your lunch break to poke around at the new stuff.  No matter the amount of attention, know that I’m grateful for all of it.  Aspiring authors are the most appreciative of creatures.

Currently, I’m in the midst of polishing up another book—the second in a series—and am heads-down for most of my spare moments (ah yes, “free time,” a concept that still makes me chuckle).  But I promise I’m writing the bejeezus out of this story every chance I get.

As for my future plans . . . well, that’s what this website’s all about:

I’ll keep you updated as to when my book(s) are picked up and published, when a new narrative inspiration has struck, and my thoughts on the world at large (depending on your tolerance level, you may want to skip that last part).

In any case, please peruse my pages (I pretty much loaded this thing with links) and try the website on for size.  I think you’ll find it quite comfy.

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